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Under the Sea Prom

May 18th

All 616 events are strictly 21 and up

You MUST arrive by 11 pm.

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RSVPing for a Room + Event Package or Presale Tickets
guarantees entry to the event before 11 pm.

There is a $5 processing fee for all online RSVPs.

Presale Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Room + Event Package Cancellations

Cancellations may be made by calling Blake before 9pm the Thursday before the party.

Any Room + Event cancellations made after this time, may be charged the full Room + Event Package price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are planning on attending for the first time, what should we expect?

Once your membership is approved at 616 and you pay the membership fee at the door; one of our crew members will take you on a tour of the facility. They will explain some simple rules and answer any questions you may have. The events are all BYOB, we provide mixers and a light buffet. You are welcome to bring a cooler with you to the event. If you have never attended a lifestyle event, you may have a very different idea than what actually takes place. We strive to have interactive, fun themed events, which provide the atmosphere for everyone to get involved on whatever level they are comfortable with. We have a ballroom with a dance floor and dj, a light buffet, banquet seating and an after party.  If at any time you need assistance or have questions, feel free to ask any of our crew/staff and they will be more than happy to help you. We want you to be completely at ease, have fun and enjoy the activities at 616. 616 offers the full party atmosphere: dance, mingle with other couples, socialize, listen to your favorite music, and explore.


Is membership required to attend?

Yes, membership is required to attend 616. Becoming a member is easy, all you have to do is attend your first event! The crew at the registration desk will have you sign a membership form and ask for your ID. Membership dues are paid per event. Once you are registered, a member will show you around the facility. It's that easy!


What sort of people attend your events?

Our members tend to be upscale, mature, fun loving, open-minded, and curious. Our members are our best assets and we want members of 616 who are fun-loving and respectful of others. Membership is non-discriminating as to color, creed, social class, education, or income. Ages range from 21-65, the average member being 38-40.


Is participation required?

No, of course not. Many people come to just watch all the fun. No one at 616 is pressured to do anything except have fun. All of the music, entertainment, and comfortable surroundings are for one purpose: to allow people to have a lot of fun with absolutely "No Pressure". If you want to join in some of the activities, great! Enjoy 616 on your own terms and always be respectful.


What is the dress code?

Most men wear dress slacks, dress or pressed sports shirt. Jeans are allowed, but men remember, dress to impress. Ladies come dressed in sexy, sensuous outfits, remember this is the perfect situation where less is more! Dress to the theme of the event, once you are inside the club, thongs and pasties are all that is required. No ragged or overly baggy clothing, athletic flip flops, work boots, or sunglasses.


What if we meet an acquaintance?

It may happen and if it does, trust your instincts. 616 is big enough for everyone. To be a member you must respect all other members of 616, and discretion is required. Remember everyone is there for the same reason - to have fun!


How can I cancel a Room + Event package reservation?

Cancellations may be made by calling Blake at 616-890-1544 before 9pm the Thursday before the party.
Any Room + Event package cancellations made after this time, may be charged the full Room + Event package price.


What is some of the lingo?

Here are a few common terms that people use when talking about the Lifestyle.

Someone who is not in the Lifestyle.

A single bisexual female in the lifestyle who enjoys the company of couples.

Soft swap
A couple who likes to play, but draws the line somewhere short of intercourse.
This covers a very broad spectrum, as a “soft swap” couple might limit themselves to just touching, or they might be okay with and enjoy oral sex, just not vaginal sex.
Communication is critical so everyone understands the limits.

Full swap
More than soft swap.

Same Room
Couples who only play in the presence of their significant other, with everyone playing in the same vicinity.
This is the majority, but certainly not all, of the couples in the lifestyle.

To engage in sexual activity is to “play”.
If someone asks if you want to play, they don’t mean cards.

Meet & Greet
A gathering of swingers at an off-premise location, where you can meet others in the lifestyle.

Simply says whether sexual activity is permitted during the party.
On–premise clubs have areas where people can play, off-premise clubs don’t.
Some have 'after parties' where play is permitted after a certain time.