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All 616 events are strictly 21 and up

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616 event registration is located in the hotel's conference center.

New Members MUST check in with 616 between 7 & 10 pm.

Cash Walk-in Members MUST arrive between 7 & 10:30 pm.

Members with Presale Tickets or Room & Event packages MUST arrive between 7 & 11 pm.

Ballrooms open from 7 pm to 2 am.

DJ and Dance Floor from 8 pm to 1 am.

VIP Room open from 11 pm until 2 am.

Hospitality Suite on the hotel's 4th floor open from 1 am to 3 am.

There is a $10 processing fee for all online RSVPs.

Room & Event packages are non-refundable.

Room & Event packages may be transferred ONCE ONLY to the next 616 event you are able to attend.

Presale Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Room + Event Package Cancellations

Cancellations must be made by emailing us at club616hosts@gmail.com before 9 pm two days before the event in order to transfer your reservation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are planning on attending for the first time, what should we expect?

Once your membership is approved at 616 and you pay the event fee at the door, one of our crew members will take you on a tour of the facility. They will explain some simple rules and etiquette, and answer any questions you may have. There is a cash bar, no outside food or beverages are allowed within the event space. If you have never attended a lifestyle event, you may have a very different idea than what actually takes place. We strive to have interactive, fun themed events, which provide the atmosphere for everyone to get involved on whatever level they are comfortable with. We typically (pre-covid) have a ballroom with a dance floor and dj, stripper pole, light show, and banquet seating.  If at any time you need assistance or have questions, feel free to ask any of our crew/staff and they will be more than happy to help you. We want you to be completely at ease, have fun and enjoy the activities at 616. 616 offers the full party atmosphere: dance, mingle with other couples, socialize, listen to your favorite music, and explore.


Is membership required to attend?

Yes, membership is required to attend 616. Becoming a member is easy, all you have to do is attend your first event! The crew at the registration desk will have you sign a membership form and ask for your ID. Membership dues are paid per event. Once you are registered, a long-standing member will show you around the venue. It's that easy!


What sort of people attend your events?

Our members tend to be upscale, mature, fun loving, open-minded, and curious. Our members are our best assets and we want members of 616 who are fun-loving and respectful of others. Membership is non-discriminating as to color, creed, social class, education, or income. Ages range from 21-65, the average member being 35-45.


Is participation required?

No, of course not. Many people come to just watch all the fun. No one at 616 is pressured to do anything except have fun. All of the music, entertainment, and comfortable surroundings are for one purpose: to allow people to have a lot of fun with absolutely "No Pressure". If you want to join in some of the activities, great! Enjoy 616 on your own terms and always be respectful.


What is the dress code?

Most men wear dress slacks, dress or pressed sports shirt. Jeans are allowed, but men remember, dress to impress. Ladies come dressed in sexy, sensuous outfits, remember this is the perfect situation where less is more! Dress to the theme of the event, once you are inside the event space, thongs and pasties are all that is required. No ragged or overly baggy clothing, athletic flip flops, work boots, or sunglasses. Street clothing is required in all public spaces of the hotel, including the corridors and parking lot. Bringing a robe and/or a long coat is a good idea!


What if we meet an acquaintance?

It may happen and if it does, trust your instincts. 616 is big enough for everyone. To be a member you must respect all other members of 616, and discretion is required. Remember everyone is there for the same reason - to have fun!


How can I cancel a Room + Event package reservation?

Cancellations may be made by emailing us at club616hosts@gmail.com before 9 pm two days before the event.

Room & Event packages are non-refundable.

Room & Event packages may be transferred ONCE ONLY to the next 616 event you are able to attend if cancelled before 9 pm two days before the event.
Cancellations made after 9 pm two days before an event are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Presale Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.


How do I check in with a Room + Event Package?

You may check into the hotel after 3 pm the day of the event at their front desk.
All members will be asked for ID at the 616 registration desk.
All members should have their IDs available.


We would like to sponsor a single male, what are the rules for doing this?

Couples who are good standing members of 616 may have a single male accompany them at our events.
Sponsorship of a single male means you are responsible for him for the evening. In the event that a sponsored single male disregards club rules and is asked to leave, the sponsoring couple will also be asked to leave and may be held responsible for his actions. This may or may not include having membership revoked.
If the sponsoring couple leaves the event area, the single male must also. If a sponsoring couple has been found to have left their single male unattended at the event, membership may be revoked.


What is your consent policy?

1. No touching people or personal property without permission. This includes asking for permission before you hug someone. As you get to know someone better, they may choose to give you blanket permissions for specific physical interactions.

2. Treat everyone as an equal, and only engage in verbal role-play if you have permission. For example, don’t call someone by a pet name or use derogatory words like “slut” unless you’ve asked for permission.

3. Be respectful when you contact others outside of this group. Please receive permission in person or within comments or posts in our social media groups before contacting anyone privately. The event hosts/group admins are the exception to this, you may contact them privately with any questions or concerns you may have via social media or email.

4. Anyone can withdraw consent, make a nonverbal safesign or use the universal safeword “Red” at any time. Once consent is withdrawn, the activity must stop immediately.
Universal safewords: Green means ‘I’m okay’, Yellow means ‘A more direct check-in is needed’, Red means ‘Stop’.
Nonverbal safesign examples: One quick hand squeeze means ‘I’m okay’, one long, firm squeeze means ‘A more direct check-in is needed’, two quick squeezes mean ‘Stop’.

5. Negotiate the scope of your play prior to the activities, including what areas of the body there will be any contact with. Each person must give verbal consent to the proposed acts before any playing or scenes begin.

6. Each participant is responsible for making sure everyone involved has the mental and emotional ability to give informed and voluntary consent. They cannot give consent if they are intoxicated to the point that they can’t drive or are slurring their words.

7. No one is exempt from the rules, including staff members.

8. If you experience or witness a consent incident, tell the staff immediately. Violation of this consent policy may result in expulsion from the event and/or club membership being permanently revoked.

Disclaimer: Every reasonable effort will be made to enforce this policy, but 616 makes no representations or guarantees about its ability to do so, and all participants/attendees retain full, sole responsibility for their safety and the safety of others with whom they interact.

Club Rules & Expected Conduct

  1. Do not spend an unnecessary amount of time in the parking lot, or any other common area of the establishment in which the event is taking place.


If someone is not comfortable with something, they have the right to say no and you must respect their wishes. If you violate this rule you will be immediately escorted off the premises and out of the event.
Click here for our consent policy!

  1. No audio or video devices are permitted.

No cameras or camera phones are permitted for use inside the designated event area. If you must take or make a phone call, please do so from a common area outside of the event area.

  1. No drinks on the dance floor, except closed plastic water bottles.

  1. Dress code within the event requires a g-string/thong and pasties. Within all public spaces, including the parking lot, hotel lobby, pool, hot tub, bar/restaurant, elevators, and corridors, street legal attire and face masks are required.

  1. No vaping or smoking allowed within the event space or the hotel.

  1. No illegal drugs are allowed inside the building or in the parking lot at any time.

  1. Anyone engaging in violent or disrespectful manner to any guest or team member will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to return.

  1. Discretion is a vital aspect for our guests and staff to enjoy the party and the lifestyle.

If at any time any member should be found to have disclosed information about 616 Entertainment LLC or any of its members to any non-lifestyle third party, such as but not limited to, news media, or investigative documentary groups, they will lose their membership privileges and will not be allowed to return. If you are a member of the media, law enforcement, or government agency, you are here as a member of 616 Entertainment LLC and not as a working individual for any of the prior mention agencies. As a member you are not to share any member or club information.

  1. Membership dues are collected the night of the party that you attend.

They are good for the night of that event only. You must be at least 21 years of age to attend 616 Entertainment LLC events. You must have a valid ID available if asked.

  1. I release 616 Entertainment LLC of any and all liability in the event of injury that is related to either the main event or any incidence while on the property of the event during event hours.

  1. I understand and agree to leave the hotel room in the normal conditions that are expected.

In the event you or a guest smokes in the room there will be a $75 cleaning fee and possible state charges. This fee also applies in the event that the room is left in unacceptable conditions. PLEASE PUT ANY SEXUAL PARAPHERNALIA IN PROPER DISPOSAL BINS.

  1. I understand if I do not cancel my Room & Event package by 9 pm the Thursday night before the event the Room & Event package is non-refundable and non-transferable.